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Peninsular Offshore Systems provides custom control solutions for the offshore and onshore oil and gas industries which include the supply of control systems for safety shutdown, instrument and process control. We specialize in wellhead safety systems, instrument and process control panels, emergency shutdown systems, valve automation and chemical injection skids. We offer expertise in all pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, relay logic and PLC based systems.

Our Experience
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Peninsular Offshore Systems have a long reputation and market acceptance. With 25 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry, we offer our best recommendation and solutions for our client needs. We guarantee the consistent quality expected on an international level according to our Quality Assurance System.

We have built chemical injection systems, pump skids, filter systems, compressor skids, high pressure chemical sampling systems and process modules.

We also assist in packages system design, e.g feasible study, system selection, valve engineering design, sizing, material selection and configuration.

Products Catalogue
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Our objective is to meet with clients requirement and design specification, therefore we provide technical assistance with any questions regarding our products & how they apply to our clients application.

We offer top quality products with cost competitive solution. In doing so, we promote latest technology which meets international standard.

Our Solutions
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We provide custom solutions to the Oil & Gas industries which include supply of process & safety control systems, valve automation, process control systems, process skids and system integration.

We design and builds skid mounted systems that specifically cater to provide the skid system needed. We offer valve automation like Manual/Actuated Ball Valves, Twin Double Blok & Bleed Valves, Nozzle Type Check Valves, Multiport Selector Valves, Manual/Actuated Choke Valves, Platform Wellhead Valves.

Our team are responsive after sales services to maintain long term success.

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