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Pressure, Flow And Level Instruments

  • Oriface Assemblies,Restriction Orifices, Venturi & Flow Nozzles,  Pressure & Temperature Measurements,  Pressure Sensors, Relays.

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Platform Wellhead Valves
 Valves & Controls

  • Slab Gate, Double or Single Expanding Gate

  • For Applications from 2000psi - 20,000psi

  • API 6A Approved for severe service and to control the flow in wellheads and flow lines

  • Sizes from 2" through 20"

  • Manual & Actuated with a wide range of Actuators

For Severe Applications

Ball Valves, Gate Valves & Check Valves  

  • Subsea Ball Valves with Top Entry Design for easy maintenance

  • Through Conduit Gate Valve : Double Block and Bleed Function for better sealing in presence of sand 

  • High Pressure High Temperature Application

  • Manual Operation or by Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

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Piping Specialties

  • SP Items - Corrosion Coupons & Probes, Chemical Injection, Sampling Systems, Retrieval Tools, Rupture Disc and Breather Valves

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Platform Wellhead Valves
Choke Manifolds

  • API 6A Standard

  • Formulated to provide for the availability  of safe dimensionally and functionally interchangeable Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment

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